Loja Toraja: Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

Loja Toraja: Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

Loja Toraja: Setting the Stage for Lasting MemoriesLoja Toraja: Setting the Stage for Lasting MemoriesLoja Toraja: Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories

A place of the future where great food innovations are wonderfully created.




Inspired by the Elite houses in Bali, Indonesia, Loja Toraja Balinese Events Place remains to be an ideal venue to celebrate special occasions like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, dedications, anniversaries or even business meetings! Whatever you want to celebrate, we can cater it just for you! We can help you create and customize the most suitable package that will meet your budget and serve you with a hassle-free celebration for all occasions!

Loja Toraja is touching lives since 2013, offering unique and authentic ways of cooking globally. Loja Toraja is a garden-to-table concept that  offers an events place and an in-house catering service. Loja Toraja aims to serve fresh, organic and finest cuisines to the client’s table, changing people’s perspective between being vegan and healthy, offering quality and quantity assurance, food sanitation and amazing food experience.


Introducing the Four Authentic Points of Difference for Loja Toraja

One of the claims of Loja Toraja’s manifesto is to promote an authentic and organic way of innovating nutriment and services aimed at offering good and healthy food. Each condiment and ingredient is obtained naturally that's good for one’s health.

Loja Toraja is also aiming to share the experience and unique taste of world class cuisines, keeping the authentic Filipino taste.

The clients of Loja Toraja is the main foundation and source of motivation for the employees to deliver and execute great things for better customer satisfaction. Inch by inch, details are wonderfully crafted and created through the client’s desire.

Providing guaranteed quality and quantity assurance in terms of food and services, considering client’s wants and needs, presuming their different perspectives and demands, clients are always served with pleasure and cheerfulness.


Our Brand Promise

More than just providing excellent service and cuisines, Loja Toraja also loves to share the different journeys of each person who work hard to make the business up and running, showcasing an events place and catering service.

Loja Toraja delights in the opportunity to provide satisfaction and assurance of maintaining standard greatness to its finest, to serve and fulfill the client's needs.

We envision Loja Toraja to be an iconic catering company and events place in the metropolis.

Our mission is to deliver a most exquisite dining and events experience by nurturing our clients with delectable organic and natural food, international dishes customized for the Filipino palate, a totally bespoke, utterly client-personalized service, and world-class hospitality.



Since 2013

In year 2013, Loja Toraja Balinese Events Place begun as CKS Laffaie Catering which was originally founded upon Chef Luth’s ardent love for food and cooking. The name Loja Toraja, coined by Chef Luth herself, is an amalgam of the words Loja and Toraja.

"Loja" is the name of the street in which the restaurant and events place is located, while the word "Toraja" comes from the Buginese language term "to riaja", meaning people of the uplands, an indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia – that apparently inspires the entire ambience of the place. When she traveled and visit Bali,Indonesia, Chef Luth was delighted that Europeans admired Bali’s authentic and natural style, so she embraced this and make her own business inspired with this culture.

It all started with a mere fellowship of Christians over coffee that happened weekly. Chef Luth always hosted the fellowship in her place and prepared a lovingly cooked meal for her brothers and sisters in Christ. Her friends saw potential in her original and natural recipes and had this brilliant idea to turn it into a business. 

Chef Luth started doing catering services and even undertook formal classes and trainings in Enderun University, to better equip herself with adequate skills. Now, Loja Toraja is a garden-to-table concept that was conceived out of Chef Luth’s personal need for healthy and organic foods due to her diabetes. It offers healthy comfort food with organic ingredients coming straight from the backyard of Chef Luth!

As Loja Toraja seeks humorous innovations and productivity for better service and assistance to provide superior and superb client experience, Loja Toraja personalizes its amenities according to each client’s distinctive individual needs and wants. Further than that, the staff and crew of Loja Toraja are Yolanda victims purposefully chosen and eventually trained to serve its customers and clients, making it a business for a cause.


The Hands and Mind behind Loja Toraja

Ms. Luzvelinda “Chef Luth” Laguardia is the Executive Chef of Loja Toraja. Having achieved a fine blend of basic knowledge and experience in preparing and cooking a wide variety of cuisine in different countries – whether it be appetizers, soups, entrees, main courses, sauces, desserts, and beverages - she is able to turn what was once a hobby to a business which, for her, is a service to the Filipino. Her travel experiences and ardent love for cooking has significantly contributed to her wide perspective on food and even events styling.

Chef Luth’s relentless devotion required to succeed in her industry is exemplified in her excellently conducted events that her clientele can attest to and the trainings she underwent. Truly dedicated to what she does, she underwent formal education on cooking in Enderun University and makes it a point to provide continuous, proper, and adequate training for her staff who are victims of Typhoon Yolanda so that they will be well-equipped with skills and principles to give the best and most exceptional service to their clients whom they consider as partners.

Chef Luth’s passion is to help these people stand on their feet again and continue to recover. She finds fulfillment in seeing that the work of her staff and crew impacts their growth, self-esteem, and disposition in life.

To her, this is so much more than a business  —  she believes that the Filipino deserves to be nourished with healthy yet delectable food and experience the world through tasting foreign cuisines, and have unforgettable memories through exceptional event experience  —  and she has made it her personal mission to deliver this to her clients. But the incredible bonus that exceeds her expectations is the truly intimate relationships and partnerships she has been able to foster with her clients directly.

A firm believer that it is important to facilitate trust between the company and the client, she is committed to keep the clients’ best interest at heart and to truly make a difference in their lives simply by helping their clients make the most unforgettable memories one fine dining and one event at a time. Her vision is to create Loja Toraja as a place where people can enjoy a most exquisite experience of food and event — and truly, she is living that vision.



A year later after super typhoon Yolanda occurred, the affected families were still brawling to recuperate from the catastrophe. Words vanish when one illustrates how exasperating it is for Yolanda victims to keep going. Meanwhile, Chef Luth, Executive Chef of Loja Toraja, saw an opportunity to bestow livelihood for some of the victims of the Super Typhoon and grasp them in.

Chef Luth saw their potential and persisted in believing in them providing them proper, constant and adequate training to keep them growing and well-equipped to serve and assist Loja Toraja's clients. Chef Luth herself is a firm believer that there is plenty of potential in these people, though they lack formal and social education, they are equipped with hard work, perseverance, productivity and humble attitude towards work and people they work with.